Desert Jumpers expects that you are as excited to have your party/event as we are to have you as our client, and as such we anticipate that cancellations are going to be few and far between. In the unfortunate instance that you must cancel your party, we require as much advance notice as possible to both free up the equipment for another customer and also to ensure your deposit is available to be retained as a rain check.

Desert Jumpers require a 50%  NON-REFUNDABLE credit card deposit to secure your rental.

If for some unforeseen reason your event needs to be cancelled, all cancellations 24-hrs or greater will have the 50% deposit rolled into a rain check. That will be held on file for 30 days from the date of cancellation.

If for some reason your event has been paid in full, and cancelled within the 24-hr window, the 100% deposit will be retained on the rain check for 30 days and the balance submitted to our merchant processor for refund within 3 business days. You can also choose to hold the entire amount on rain check, please just tell us when you call.

Cancellations within 8-hrs of the event forfeit the deposit entirely and unfortunately will not receive a rain check.

If the event is rescheduled, then subsequently cancelled within the 24-hr window, the 50% deposit will be held as a rain check for 60-days.

Day-of-Event and Cancellations at Delivery receive no refund or rain check and all future rentals will require a non-refundable 100% deposit to reserve.

The High Desert is a windy place!! Please be advised that if you rent equipment through out the year you may experience rain, wind, awesome sunshine, and snow…sometimes all in the same day.

Desert Jumpers does not like to cancel equipment rentals due to weather but in the Spring when the temperatures are routinely below 70 degrees we cannot tolerate wet units. Desert Jumpers reserve the right to cancel a set up when there is a greater than 50% chance of rain when temperatures are consistently below 70 because we cannot dry the equipment thoroughly and it will mildew. Desert Jumpers always prefer to wait as late as possible to cancel, but please always have a backup plan during Fall through Spring.

Desert Jumpers will NOT set up in high wind. Winds 20 mph or less are tolerable; however, we will not set up if the gusts are greater than 25 mph; anything close to 20 mph is very questionable. Desert Jumpers reserve the right to make the final call on weather related setups, particularly with regards to wind. Please understand that Desert Jumpers does not cancel unnecessarily and we rely on the weather forecast and our drivers to make final determinations for the safety of your family, guests and our equipment.

During Summer time when the temperatures are warm, Desert Jumpers does not cancel for rain unless it is a torrential downpour. Desert Jumpers will generally leave the decision up to the renter on WET units. Desert Jumpers will not set up dry only units (bounce houses) when the weather is expected to be very rainy. Once the unit is delivered and set up, there are no refunds regardless of how long the equipment was used so please make a decision you will be happy with.

Fall/Winter rentals are weather dependent. In the Fall we have a HARD STOP on wet units on December 1st. The temperatures are not high enough to ensure the unit can be fully dried beyond that. Desert Jumpers may stop earlier depending on how the weather is, but definitely not wet later than December 1st.